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Iron &
Drosophila biology

Mitochondrial iron supply is required for the developmental pulse of ecdysone biosynthesis that initiates metamorphosis in Drosophila melanogaster
Llorens JV, Metzendorf C, Missirlis F, Lind MI. read at publisher

Genes for iron metabolism influence circadian rhythms in Drosophila melanogaster
Mandilaras K, Missirlis F. read at publisher

Iron depletion in the intestines of Malvolio mutant flies does not occur in the absence of a multicopper oxidase
Bettedi L, Aslam MF, Szular J, Mandilaras K, Missirlis F. read at publisher - open access

Insertion mutants in Drosophila melanogaster Hsc20 halt larval growth and lead to reduced iron sulfur cluster enzyme activities and impaired iron homeostasis
Uhrigshardt H, Rouault TA, Missirlis F. read at publisher - open access

Of two cytosolic aconitases expressed in Drosophila, only one functions as an iron regulatory protein
Lind M, Missirlis F, Melefors Ö, Uhrigshardt H, Kirby K, Phillips JP, Söderhäll K, Rouault TA. read at publisher - open access

Ferritin iron storage

Homeostatic mechanisms for iron storage revealed by genetic manipulations of Drosophila ferritin
Missirlis F, Kosmidis S, Brody T, Mavrakis M, Holmberg S, Odenwald WF, Skoulakis EMC, Rouault TA. read at publisher - open access

Ferritin assembly in enterocytes of Drosophila melanogaster
Rosas-Arellano A, Vásquez-Procopio J, Gambis A, Blowes LM, Steller H, Mollereau B, Missirlis F. read at publisher - open access

Ferritin is required in multiple tissues during Drosophila melanogaster development
González-Morales N, Mendoza-Ortíz MA, Blowes LM, Missirlis F, Riesgo-Escovar JR. read at publisher - open access

Biophysical and genetic analysis of iron partitioning and ferritin function in Drosophila melanogaster
Gutiérrez L, Zubow K, Nield J, Gambis A, Mollereau B, Lázaro FJ, Missirlis F. read at publisher

Ferritin accumulation under iron scarcity in Drosophila iron cells
Mehta A, Deshpande A, Bettedi L, Missirlis F. read at publisher

Behavioral decline and premature lethality upon pan-neuronal ferritin over expression in Drosophila infected with a virulent form of Wolbachia
Kosmidis S, Missirlis F, Botella JA, Schnewuly S, Rouault TA, Skoulakis EMC. read at publisher - open access

Ferritin overexpression in Drosophila glia leads to iron deposition in the optic lobes and late onset behavioural defects
Kosmidis S, Botella JA, Mandilaras K, Schneuwly S, Skoulakis EMC, Rouault TA, Missirlis F. read at publisher - open access

Characterization of mitochondrial ferritin in Drosophila
Missirlis F, Holmberg S, Georgieva T, Dunkov BC, Rouault TA, Law JH. read at publisher - open access


Zinc storage granules in the Malpighian tubules of Drosophila melanogaster
Tejeda-Guzmán C, Rosas-Arellano A, Kroll T, Webb SM, Barajas-Aceves M, Osorio B, Missirlis F. read at bioRxiv - open access

A recessive X-linked mutation causes a threefold reduction of total body zinc accumulation in Drosophila melanogaster laboratory strains
Afshar N, Argunhan B, Bettedi L, Szular J, Missirlis F. read at publisher - open access

Zinc accumulation in heterozygous mutants of fumble, the pantothenate kinase homologue of Drosophila
Gutiérrez L, Sabaratnam N, Aktar R, Bettedi L, Mandilaras K, Missirlis F. read at publisher - open access


The four aldehyde oxidases of Drosophila melanogaster have different gene expression patterns and enzyme substrate specificities
Marelja Z, Dambowsky M, Bolis M, Georgiou ML, Garattini E, Missirlis F, Leimkühler S. read at publisher - open access

Reactive Oxygen Species

Functional characterization of novel thioredoxin reductase and thioredoxin peroxidase in Drosophila
Missirlis F. read here - open access - (Ph.D. Thesis, 2001)

Compartment-specific protection of iron-sulfur proteins by superoxide dismutase
Missirlis F, Hu J, Kirby K, Hilliker A, Rouault TA, Phillips JP. read at publisher - open access

Cooperative action of antioxidant defense systems in Drosophila
Missirlis F, Phillips JP, Jäckle H. read at publisher - open access

Mitochondrial and cytoplasmic thioredoxin reductase variants encoded by a single Drosophila gene are both essential for viability
Missirlis F, Ulschmid JK, Hirosawa-Takamori M, Gronke S, Schafer U, Becker K, Phillips JP, Jäckle H. read at publisher - open access

A putative glutathione peroxidase of Drosophila encodes a thioredoxin peroxidase that provides resistance to oxidative stress but fails to complement for the lack of catalase activity
Missirlis F, Rahlfs S, Dimopoulos N, Bauer H, Becker K, Hilliker A, Phillips JP, Jäckle H. read at publisher

Identification of a selenium-dependent glutathione peroxidase in the blood-sucking insect Rhodnius prolixus
Dias FA, Gandara ACP, Perdomo HD, Goncalves RS, Oliveira CR, Oliveira RLL, Citelli M, Polycarpo CR, Santesmasses D, Mariotti M, Guigó R, Braz GR, Missirlis F, Oliveira PL. read at publisher

Genetic interactions between Drosophila melanogaster Menin and Jun/Fos
Cerrato A, Parisi M, Santa Anna S, Missirlis F, Guru S, Agarwal S, Sturgill D, Talbot T, Spiegel A, Collins F, Chandrasekharappa S, Marx S, Oliver B. read at publisher - open access

Ecological & evolutionary comparisons of insect metallomes

Evidence for evolutionary constraints in Drosophila metal biology
Sadraie M, Missirlis F. read at publisher

The genome of Rhodnius prolixus, an insect vector of Chagas disease, reveals unique adaptations to hematophagy and parasite infection
Mesquita RD, Vionette-Amaral RJ, Lowenberger C, Rivera-Pomar R, Monteiro FA, Minx P, Spieth J, Carvalho AB, Panzera F, Lawson D, Torres ALQ, Ribeiro JMC, Sorgine MHF, Waterhouse RM, Montague MJ, Abad-Franch F, Alves-Bezerra M, Amaral LR, Araujo HM, Araujo RN, Aravind L, Atella GC, Azambuja P, Berni M, Bittencourt-Cunha PR, Braz GRC, Calderón-Fernández GM, Carareto CMA, Christensen MB, Costa IR, Costa SG, Dansa M, Daumas-Filho CRO, De-Paula IF, Dias FA, Dimopoulos G, Emrich SJ, Esponda-Behrens N, Fampa P, Fernández-Medina RD, Fonseca RN, Fontenele M, Fronick C, Fulton LA, Gandara ACP, Garcia ES, Genta FA, Giraldo-Calderón GI, Gomes B, Gondim KC, Granzotto A, Guarneri AA, Guigó R, Harry M, Hughes DST, Jablonka W, Jacquin-Joly E, Juárez MP, Koerich LB, Latorre-Estivalis JM, Lavore AE, Lawrence GG, Lazoski C, Lazzari CR, Lopes RR, Lorenzo MG, Lugon MD, Majerowicz D, Marcet PL, Mariotti M, Masuda H, Megy K, Melo ACA, Missirlis F, Mota T, Noriega FG, Nouzova M, Nunes RD, Oliveira RLL, Oliveira-Silveira G, Ons S, Pagola L, Paiva-Silva GO, Pascual A, Pavan MG, Pedrini N, Peixoto AA, Pereira MH, Pike A, Polycarpo C, Prosdocimi F, Ribeiro-Rodrigues R, Robertson HM, Salerno AP, Salmon D, Santesmasses D, Schama R, Seabra-Junior ES, Silva-Cardoso L, Silva-Neto MAC, Souza-Gomes M, Sterkel M, Taracena ML, Tojo M, Tu ZJ, Tubio JMC, Ursic-Bedoya R, Venancio TM, Walter-Nuno AB, Wilson D, Warren WC, Wilson RK, Huebner E, Dotson EM, Oliveira PL. read at publisher

Conserved metallomics in two insect families evolving separately for a hundred million years
Rempoulakis P, Afshar N, Osorio B, Barajas-Aceves M, Szular J, Ahmad S, Dammalage T, Tomas US, Nemny-Lavy E, Salomon M, Vreysen MJB, Nestel D, Missirlis F. read at publisher - open access


Female and male gamete mitochondria are distinct and complementary in transcription, structure and genome function
de Paula WBM, Agip ANA, Missirlis F, Ashworth R, Viscay-Barrena G, Lucas CH, Allen JF. read at publisher - open access

Rodent model of Huntington’s disease

Huntington's disease leads to decrease of GABA-A tonic subunits in the D2 neostriatal pathway and their relocalization into the synaptic cleft
Rosas-Arellano⁠ A⁠,⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ Tejeda-Guzmán⁠ C, Lorca-Ponce E, Palma-Tirado⁠ L, Mantellero⁠ CA, Rojas P, Missirlis F, Castro MA read at publisher

Review articles, Opinion & Hypothesis

Iron absorption in Drosophila melanogaster
Mandilaras K, Pathmanathan T, Missirlis F. read at publisher - open access

An emerging role for Cullin-3 mediated ubiquitination in sleep and circadian rhythm: Insights from Drosophila
Freeman A, Mandilaras K, Missirlis F, Sanyal S. read at publisher - open access

Drosophila and antioxidant therapy design
Missirlis F, Phillips JP, Jäckle H, Rouault TA. download here

Understanding the aging fly through physiological genetics
Missirlis F. read here


Genetic screening for novel Drosophila mutants with discrepancies in iron metabolism
Mehta A, Deshpande A, Missirlis F. read at publisher

A simple solution for antibody signal enhancement in immunofluorescence and immunogold assays

Rosas-Arellano A, Villalobos-González JB, Palma-Tirado L, Beltrán FA, Cárabez-Trejo A, Missirlis F, Castro MA. read at publisher

Meeting reports

We also CanFly! The 2nd MexFly Drosophila Research Conference
Missirlis F, Nahmad, M. read at publisher


Queen Mary: nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition
Allen JF, Missirlis F. read at publisher - open access