Former members of the laboratory

Academic Years 2017-2020

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Dr. Erika Garay -

Invited Research Fellow (supported by Zinpro Corporation)
Regulation of zinc homeostasis and its relation to autophagy
Publication list for Dr. Erika Garay

(2004) Autonomous University of the State of Mexico
PhD in Physiology (2010) Cinvestav
Postdoctoral fellow at Langebio (2011-2015) role of autophagy in the aging process
Postdoctoral fellow at Albert Einstein College of Medicine (2015-2017) cell biology of lysosomes

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Ms. Rosalilia Vega Cuéllar - Graduate student

The influence of metals on
Drosophila microbiota
Nutritionist (2018) Justo Sierra University
Biomedical Engineer (2015) National Polytechnic Institute