External funding received (Principal Investigator Fanis Missirlis)_________________

1. Funding Body: Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología
Post-doctoral fellowship to Dr. Abraham Rosas Arellano
Dates: 1st August 2016 – 31st July 2017 Sum: mex$276,000
Title: Ensamblaje in vivo de las subunidades de ferritina en Drosophila.

2. Funding Body: Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología
Apoyo al Fortalecimiento y Desarrollo de la Infraestructura Científica y Tecnológica,
Year: 2016, N° 268296 Sum:
Title: Metalómica en México: Habilitando estudios nutrigenómicos sobre el papel fisiológico y bioquímico de los principales metales iónicos.

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3. Funding Body: Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología
Post-doctoral fellowship to Dr. Abraham Rosas Arellano
Dates: 1st August 2013 – 31st July 2014 Sum: mex$312,000
Title: Molecular characterization of manganese deficiency: Novel genes involved in manganese absorption.

4. Funding Body: Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología
Ciencia Básica (Basic Research Grant)
Dates: January 2013 – December 2015 #179835 Sum:
Title: Intracellular molecular reorganization of ferritin during intestinal absorption of iron

5. Funding Body:
European Molecular Biology Organization
Short-term fellowship to host Zvonimir Marelja in the lab
Dates: July 29
th – October 30th 2011 Sum: €6,893
Title: In vivo analysis of Molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis in Drosophila

6. Funding Body: Leonardo da Vinci Programme
Training placement to support Ms. Lucia Bettedi
Dates: May 17
th – Sept 17th 2010 Sum: €4,500
The effect of dietary copper on Drosophila iron homeostasis

7. Funding Body:
Royal Society
Dates: 2008-2009 Sum: £15,000
Title: Genetic screening for novel Drosophila mutants with defects in iron metabolism

8. Funding Body: European Commission (FP7; IRG)
Dates: 2008-2011 Contract no. MIRG-CT-2007-204832 Sum: €100,000
Title: Introduce and develop the Drosophila model for iron metabolism research

Funding support via CINVESTAV

2021: Annual support mex$95,904
2020: Annual support
2020: Competitive funding from SEP-Cinvestav #61
2020: Maintenance contract for ICP-OES
2020: Competitive funding from State of Hidalgo (Covid19)
2019: Annual support
2019: Competitive funding from SEP-Cinvestav #61
2018: Annual support
2017: Funding support for SLAC Synchrotron trip
2017: Annual support
Funding support for 2nd MexFly meeting mex$75,000
2016: Annual support mex$122,461
2015: Annual support
2014: Annual support
2013: Annual support
2012: Start-up Funds

Direct support from private and public sector____________________________

2021: New South Wales Department of Primary Industries US$27,000
Zinpro Corporation mex$332,920
2019: Zinpro Corporation mex$399,968
Zinpro Corporation mex$361,920

Funding support via QMUL

2007-2011: Start-up Funds
Departmental Allocations £6,807
BBSRC undergraduate studentship £2,500
Interdisciplinary Award for
International Meeting £2,352

2008-2012: Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
Doctoral Training Grant for Konstantinos Mandilaras.